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Working at UTS

Workplace essentials

Policies and directives

UTS policies and directives covering conduct and ethics, development activities, equity, facilities and environment, financial management, governance, health, information management, intellectual property, learning and teaching, research matters, safety, security, staffing and student matters are listed under UTS Governance 

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The following list provides an overview of staffing policies:

Legal and ethical responsibilities

Health and safety

  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Health and Safety Responsibilities
  • Workplace Adjustment (PDF, 313.89kB)
  • Fieldwork

Recruitment and selection

  • Recruitment and Appointment Directive
  • Education Focused Academic Roles
  • Appointment of Distinguished Professor by Invitation
  • Honorary Appopintments
  • Employment of Casual Academic Staff

Remuneration and recognition

  • Salary rates for Academic Staff
  • Salary rates for Professional Staff
  • Academic Promotion
  • Academic Progression (A-B)

Managing and developing staff

  • Professional Experience Program (PEP)
  • Staff Secondments/Exchanges Directive
  • Financial Assistance for Staff Studying at UTS
  • Study time for Support Staff
  • Handling Staff Grievances Directive