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Relocating to Sydney

Family Matters


Bringing your spouse, partner, children or pets to Sydney will add extra elements to the process of moving and settling in.

Dad and son on bike

Partner job search

If your spouse or partner is also planning to work in Sydney, there are a number of job agencies. Popular job search websites include Seek and Indeed (links to an external site).

The Fair Work Ombudsman (links to an external site) offers advice on your workplace rights and obligations as an employee.

Many companies publish current job vacancies on their websites as well as information about careers within their organisation. Employment agencies often advertise positions in newspapers, on their websites and online job boards. Many more jobs are found through contacts. Find out more about this hidden job market.


Schooling and child care

There is a huge choice of child care (opens an external site) available in Sydney, including long day care, in-home care, family day care, before and after school care and occasional care. The Australian Government provides a wealth of information about rebates, benefits and assistance (opens an external site) and finding a child care centre (opens an external site) near you. UTS child care manages two child care centres on or near the campus.

Most Sydney suburbs have a local public primary school, which may also offer a pre-school, before, after and vacation care. There may also be a local public high school or one shared between a few suburbs. There is also a wide range of independent/private schools at all levels of your child’s school education. Study In Australia (opens an external site) provides information on choosing your child’s school. The Australian Schools Directory (opens an external site) is a useful resource explaining the education system and links to other sites. My School (opens an external site) is a great resource for parents and has information about all schools in Australia, including NAPLAN (PDF, 179 kB, 2 pages), the national assessment system.


Bringing your pet

Australia has strict rules around bringing animals into the country. For advice and help regarding your pet, the Department of Agriculture  (opens an external site) is a key resource.