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UTS is home to world-leading academic expertise, support services and facilities to help you take the next step in your research career.
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If you are motivated by producing research with impact we have the support services, grant and business development expertise and researcher development capabilities to boost your research career.

Photo of Huy Van Nguyen

Huy Van Nguyen

Huy Van Nguyen’s research explores the medicinal potential of rare and endangered plants used in traditional remedies in a minority indigenous Vietnamese community.
Photo of Vitor Cesar Taranto

Vitor Cesar Taranto

The aim of Vitor's PhD study is to develop an electronic nose to be used in the detection of volatile explosives in airports, cargo areas, illegal laboratories and other interest areas.
Researcher support
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Support for UTS researchers

UTS offers a range of internal funding schemes to support the work of UTS researchers and to stimulate internal and external research collaborations.
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Living in Sydney

UTS is located in the heart of the global city of Sydney, close to public transport, shopping centres and cultural hubs. Learn more about what Sydney has to offer, living costs and settling in.
Where can a PhD take you?

Vice-Chancellor Attila Brungs talked to ABC Radio National about how UTS is Preparing PhDs for the future.

Info for current research students
UTS: Research course guide

The UTS: Higher Degree Research course guide provides you with an overview of the research areas and research courses available at UTS.

UTS Higher Degree Research Course Guide